Exhibition sector has picked up speed and grown more important in Turkey towards the end of ‘90s. This was accompanied by building of internationally qualified fairgrounds and surfacing of stand decoration sector.

Exhibition stands are very important when it comes to a company’s corporate identity. In essence they are a company’s showcase. With this in mind, Kurumsal Fair Organization was founded in 2001 and has led innovations as one of the first companies in the exhibition sector.

Kurumsal Fair Organization has enough capacity and sufficiency to provide services at every domestic sectoral exhibition and is able to meet different needs of exhibitor companies using different types of stand materials within its inventory. In addition to being able to build aesthetically pleasing wooden stands as well as economic and modular ones; thanks to its staff members specialized in their fields, Kurumsal Fair Organization can carry out the manufacturing and assembling processes of a stand rapidly.

The first step to a successful stand is to know the exhibitor company well enough. Stand designing work starts after designating the place of the exhibitor in the sector along with its expectations and goals towards an exhibition. Kurumsal Fair Organization works closely with the exhibitor company until a satisfactory design is achieved. After the right material is chosen in accordance with the design, manufacturing begins.

Every stage of the manufacturing is inspected and supervised, which is done with the aid of experienced staff members and machines that process the material with precision. Assembly of the stand is carried out meticulously and swiftly following the rapid delivery of materials to the fairground. Assembly work on the fairground begins with laying the floor material and is followed by building ground supports, mounting shelves, display cases and ceiling implementations, plaster and paint work, electrical and lighting installation respectively. It comes to an end with the application of any digital prints and logos.

Cleaning of the stand by a professional company and supplying of materials such as tables, chairs, refrigerator, kettle or any other basic kitchen equipment are among standard services. Kurumsal Fair Organization delivers the stand after completing mentioned tasks.

When the exhibition launches, there is a huge risk of a stand being far away from expectations and quality which would reflect the corporate identity of a brand. Justifiably, exhibitor companies place great importance on reliability and experience of the team that executes the decoration since these mistakes are mostly unrecoverable. Kurumsal Fair Organization has gained a bright position through the years in terms of reliance and experience in its sector.

Kurumsal Fair Organization has achieved a wide customer portfolio from every sector due to its quality services and devoted work. Specialising entirely on stand decoration and knowing the realities of exhibition sector, Kurumsal Fair Organization staff is pioneering bravely to the innovation and changes that fits the needs of time.